Friday, March 21, 2014

CCIE Voice/Collaboration The End

As you already know the 13th February of 2014 was the last day that someone could take the lab exam for the CCIE Voice track. The blueprint changed and if you were trying to book a seat in the months before you'd have also seen that it was impossible to find one. Everyone rushed to pass the exam before the change.
Avoiding these first months of the new exam is in many cases better thing to do. A lot of new stuff, topology, technologies, hardware, style of exam etc. I haven't found much info about the new exam in the web. Many of the sources I knew, like IP Expert's OSL mailing list, have suddenly stopped to get filled with questions, information and discussions about the new exam. Very rarely you'll find people who yet try to gather hardware and set up their lab.
Of course if you already work with the technologies of the 9.1 UC platform you would know the basics. Topology won't be changed drastically. As the 3rd party studying vendors say you can continue studying with your "Voice" equipment and their workbooks since 75% of the old stuff is in the current exam and valid. We'll find out more as months pass.
For me I think this is the end with the specific Voice/Collaboration CCIE. I tried 3 times and failed. Wasn't close enough to continue trying. At least for now. And if the exam has the same construction, similar tasks and style, then I'm sure I won't try again. I spent a lot of time and effort away from family and friends especially since the spring of 2012 to 2013 fall. It is really disappointing failing like this. But I think I didn't suit to this exam somehow.
I'll try to focus on different professional targets from now on and who knows maybe I'll try again in the future. Because to me the CCIE remains one of the best pro certifications out there.

Have all a good one,