Saturday, June 8, 2013

CCIE Voice Certification to CCIE Collaboration Certification update

   So after the latest announcement for the new CCIE Collaboration certification, a lot of people got mad about the way Cisco treated the old Voice CCIE. Many people think that Cisco devalueated the certification its self by retiring it and forcing people to take written and lab Collaboration exam to earn the new certification which is only by 15% different from the old one. Read after  the break.

   So Cisco made the following statement after a lot of petitions:

"We are listening to the feedback from our valued CCIE community, and will be adjusting the CCIE Collaboration requirements. As a quick preview of the evolution of the CCIE Collaboration certification, a current holder of the CCIE Voice designation will now be able to migrate to a CCIE Collaboration credential by taking the CCIE Collaboration written exam only. We appreciate all of the great feedback and patience of the community while we update our webpages to reflect this change. We will be communicating further details about this modification as soon as possible."

   You can find it here.

  The main point in my opinion here is that you won't be a double CCIE as soon as you pass the written collaboration exam. They use the term "migration", so I believe if you have already earn the CCIE Voice and pass the written collaboration exam you'll just upgrade you certification to the new one. Someone who don't want to earn any other certification but already owns the CCIE Voice title, would eventually have to re-certify if they want to keep the CCIE # and would have to do it by passing the written collaboration exam. So they'll eventually earn the CCIE Collaboration title and remove the old Voice one. I can't think though what will happen if someone also pass the Collaboration lab exam. I suppose that then you'll be a double CCIE. 
   In any way as the announcement says we'll get more updates the next weeks.