Thursday, May 16, 2013

CCIE Voice will be renamed to CCIE Collaboration in November (rumors, guesses)


   It's almost a year that we wait for an update of the v3 Voice blueprint to v4. Many rumors and hypothetical additions to the current blueprint have been heard. We'll all know after the Cisco Live 2013 in Orlando this summer. It seems that by the end of the year v3 will be a history. What does this mean? It means that you'll have just 6 months after the announcement to pass the exam based on the current blueprint. Well this is 8-9 months from now. I'm going to Brussels for my second attempt next week so I better pass this time. Time is money and I need some vacation this summer :) So let see what v4 might add to the existing blueprint after the break.

   These are only some rumors though since there's not any official announcement. But it seems that "trusted sources" confirmed somehow these rumors. I can't tell if this is true, the source didn't talk to me :) I was reading my RSS feeds while having my evening break from my study. I saw a post from INE's Mark Snow at their blog. And thought that it would be a nice idea to make a post about it. Things we know or guess that would be in the new blueprint. have also posted that their blog about the change but not much:

"More info to come- but we've all been waiting a long time to hear some news. People in the middle of their studies hoping to pass on the current blueprint- your countdown begins now. We will be releasing a 6-month plan / packages for everyone working on the current blueprint, and will also be posting some more details later today on the new blueprint.

Vik Malhi" 

   Now there's a lot of discussion under the post on the other hand. Mark Snow posted the following:

"Although the new blueprint hasn't been “officially” announced yet, the CCIE Voice track is slated to become the CCIE Collaboration track this November, 2013. As of now only preliminary information is available, but per a reliable source the “CCIE Voice certification will be renamed CCIE Collaboration to reflect advances in networked collaboration solutions. The CCIE Collaboration certification will include voice, video, instant message, and presence. Stay tuned, as more information is likely to surface as we get closer to Cisco Live 2013 in Orlando. Speaking of which, it’s not too late to RSVP to INE’s CCIE Candidate Party at Cisco Live 2013. Hope to see you there!"

   By reading the comments there you can find some useful information about the new blueprint, or at least a good guess of how it will be:
  • Servers: You have a minimum two UCv9.1 clusters, plus a guaranteed SME cluster, along with the regulars (UCxn, CUPS, UCCX) a few two or three testing VMs for Jabber clients. I also would imagine that ‘some’ of it will be pre-configured.
  • Technologies: Are there new things to learn? Yes, certainly. Things like EMCC, CCD via SAF, ILS, URI Dialing, Queuing Hunt Groups, Paging, SIP Normalization with Lua Scripting, Video Transcoding/Transsizing/Transrating with PVDM3, etc. HOWEVER, the core remains the core.
  • If I pass now would it be valid after the update?: Whether you pass now or later, you will still be called a CCIE Collaboration after it changes.
  • Telepresence: It’s possible, but I kinda doubt it – only because there is so much that they can already add to this blueprint without adding TP. Other very big reason I don’t think we will see a full-blown TP (VCS, Expressway, TPS, etc) is that the CCIE Video is just around the corner, with CCNA Video already announced. That being said, certainly there will be some video endpoints – most likely a few 9971 with USB sled or 8945 or even DX600.
  • How about INE?: We will be updating all of our material to v9.1 (assuming -and it’s a likely assumption that- this is the version moved to). We will completely update our workbooks, delivering them with all new v9.1 solutions to fit our new delivery model (see our current CCIE Data Center and CCIE Security workbooks as examples), and I will hold brand new online classes that will be recorded and replace the current video-based courses we have now. 
That's all for now. Cya!