Monday, May 20, 2013

Catalyst 2970/3560/3750 - QoS Considerations and Design

   This will be a brief post. I'm working on some weaknesses I have with QoS especially for LAN. You will find specific hardware in the actual lab according to the blueprint and information found on internet. Since I'm 2 days before my second attempt I'm quite relaxed (but stressed). So it's the perfect time to focus on some exercises without pressure. So read after the break about LAN QoS from some posts I found the previous months at
    First of all what you need to know about everything in the lab for LAN can be found in this Cisco document .  It provides all the info you need about how the  switch ring uses the ingress and egress queues. But if you want something more compact a good resource is the following posts from INE's blog.

  • The first one is about the egress queue policing the srr bandwidth commands: 
  • Next one is the first part of a two part series about SRR scheduling. Its the Bridging the gap between 3550 and 3560 QoS: Part I
  • And the Bridging the gap between 3550 and 3560 QoS: Part II:  
   Very nice posts and document.

Cya StefanoS!