Saturday, February 9, 2013

Coming back after a break

   Well I'm back after a while. There are so much that have happened and I have to write about. I'll go slowly though. I feel a little bit lazy the last month and a half. I own you a post with an IP Expert vRack review and one more for my experience with the exam I had on the 20th of December.
   First of all I must tell you that I've failed, I think this is obvious since you would already have known if I've passed. Some sort of a post sharing my CCIE # or something similar. It seems I was far from passing. But I knew this somehow before my exam to be honest.  I was very tired when I had the exam before Christmas. I had a huge break, enjoyed the holidays, spent a lot of time with my family, didn't go to my work for a couple of days.
   So apparently the milestone for passing the exam in to the 2012 didn't happen. Now it's time to start over again with practicing and studying. So this is the time to also start the blogging again. I'll keep in touch.