Saturday, November 3, 2012

Booked for the CCIE Voice lab exam - Studying update

Hello everyone!

   It's been ages again since the last time I posted. But you see I'm quite busy for two reasons. The obvious first one is that I'm studying as a maniac to catch up. The second one is more of a personal reason that kept occupied for a couple of days. Didn't study as I wanted and now I'm running like hell to prepare myself for the lab exam.

   I've booked the 20th of December to have my first attempt. It'll be at Brussels. I've also booked hotel room and airplane tickets. So this is it! The way I see it it'll be better to try just before the Xmas for three reasons. The first one is that I'll have to be consistent with what I'm trying to do from the beginning and this is to pass the exam in 2012 :P This is a psychological limit for me and will make me focus quite a bit and study harder. The second one is that I'm starting to feel tired. Xmas won't help me at all and I cannot permit myself to have a break at this point. The last reason is that I want to buy time somehow so if I don't pass then I can have a 2-week break and start again my preparation somewhere on the second week of January. Then I'll have my second attempt after a month in February.
   But above of all these three reasons is that I'll see with my own eyes how exactly this lab exam will be. Even if I'll study for 4 more months I won't have any idea about the actual exam. it would be a great

opportunity, an eye opener, if I fail. I can then change my studying action plan and make it more efficient with the precious knowledge of the actual exam.

   As you may already know, if you've read any of my posts anyway, I've selected material. For more information you should visit their web page for the CCIE Voice track. So what I'm doing right now is that I'm going through all the Workbook 2 Labs. In the next two weeks I'll finish with this and then I'll try to master my skills on speed till ten days before the actual exam. After this I'll try the INE Mock Lab. The amount of the material and knowledge that my brain have to adsorb is HUGE! I've now also started to study on weekends in full length (early morning to evening), in order to catch up.

   That's all for now. I think that I'm between the last 2nd and 3rd steps of the picture that I've uploaded :D The next of my post would be about my INE bootcamp experience. Can't promise when though :)