Friday, August 24, 2012

CCIE Voice lab exam study progress

   It's been a while since my last post (again). To be honest I was planning to post frequent updates about my progress. Suggesting reading material, documents, generally what I thought that it would be worth-full to  study. But the truth is that this is pointless as I see it now after studying for about two months continuously for the lab and before that for the written exam.
   Anyway my studying is not going exactly as planned. I've managed to cover everything of the technologies that are described in the blueprint. Haven't read everything of course. There are some PDF documents like the CME administration guide (1600 pages!!!), or the UCCX scripting documents volumes 1, 2 and 3. I admit that I've skipped a lot of stuff for the time being, in order to get to a point of being prepared for the upcoming bootcamp at London. I've left specific thing to review and study after the bootcamp.
   But I feel completely aware of the technologies and satisfied I can say, for what I have done till now. My main concern now is the bootcamp. I'm planning for some days off in a Greek island the week before the bootcamp in order to relax a bit, read a book (crime fiction), lying on a beach, eat and drink.
   For this last week of studying I'm planning to watch a lot of videos (60 hours). It'll be hard but I have to do it. I'll try to upload posts and tweets (@cciev2012) about the bootcamp's progress. After that I'll have again some days off and then will start heavy practicing with lab scenarios using the workbook 2 and the vRack. Filling the gaps while studying PDFs. I'm planning to schedule the exam for the first ten days of November or maybe a little bit later.

I'll keep you posted. Cya!