Friday, June 22, 2012

UC System Release 9.0 Readiness (lab might change?)

Good morning!

   This is irrelevant to the scope of this blog but I thought it would be useful to know. The UCM Release of version 9.0 soon will be announced! But maybe this is not completely irrelevant concerning the CCIE Voice lab exam after all. Read why after the break.
   Version 3 (UCM 7.0) of the voice lab is been around for some years now. It seems old already. Version 8.x is on the CCNP Voice and CCNA tracks I think. So I believe everyone expect a change on 2013 for CCIE Voice lab. There are some rumors about announcements to be released on July, but the best we can do is to speculate and wait. You can have a look to one of INE's Mark Snow blog posts about this HERE.
   As you can imagine there might be an issue for some of us that are trying to pass the exam in 2012. For instance, I want to do my first try at the end of October or the beginning of November. If I'm going to fail and the v4 has been announced for the beginning of 2013 it would be quite difficult to catch up with studying the v4. It will take longer and you now... time is money. It would also be impossible to the second try of v3 before it expires if you add the 30-days "overhead" that you have to wait in order to be able to have the exam again. So As you can imagine it is not completely relevant. but anyway we'll have to wait. Anyway I've been told though that will be ready to provide a solution in such a scenario so I don't panic.
   Until we know you can have a look at some links that the Cisco partner sent us that include the  some "readiness" content for UCM System Release 9. I'll have to continue my study now :)

  • The UC System Release 9.0 Beta Training Videos are posted for viewing:
  • 2 Register today for one of three sessions “Learn Everything you need to know about Licensing for Unified Communications 9.0”
  • 3 Remember to leverage the Partner Launch Accelerator Tool today for an easy way to find all UC9.0 resources!
  • 4Learn how you can leverage Cisco dCloud to demonstrate Unified Communications System Release 9.0 today:
  • 5If you have not downloaded UC9.0 Software for the Beta Trial,  do it today because the Beta Trail will end at the Jun 28th.
  • 6Ordering Guides are posted for viewing or download today. Orderability will be turned on at the end of the month.