Friday, June 15, 2012

Setting up my l2tp connection

Hello everyone!
   Today I spent some hours of my working day to set up the layer 2 vpn connection to INE's lab. I used the guide included HERE. But I have to say that...  (UPDATED Jun 19)
   ...I was annoyed by the fact that the configuration template was in a pdf format document. I spent more time than I wanted to, on coping, pasting and editing dashes, skipped lines etc. I'd prefer it to be in a zip as txt format.  So I uploaded  the files that I've created HERE. I've made some changes in the topology though and added a second switch just to keep the noisy router and one switch in my company's lab.  Of course as you can see I wrote a label and stuck it on the rack for everyone to know that "borrowing" my equipment is not permitted :-) . The second switch is placed on my desk inside my office. I removed the fan to avoid the noise. All of my phones are now connected to that switch and placed on my desk.
   The topology I used is not something special. I created a trunk connection on port 10 of each switch and permitted all vlans. I also created all the vlans on the second switch. I transferred the configuration of ports 1 to 6 and 22 to the second new switch on my desk. Connected port 10 using the cabling closet to the first switch in the lab on port 10. I kept the configuration of ports 21, 23 and 24 and removed the configuration of prots 1-6 and 22 of first switch. This way I splinted the configuration in order to avoid the noise of the router. 
   After catching up with some studying the last days I finally was able to schedule and do my first vRack session with Loaded the module I wanted and launched. Everything was stable and it seems that is a very reliable service. I hope it'll continue that way.

Cya Stefanos