Thursday, June 14, 2012

I've chosen the study material

   Hello it's been ages since my last post. Of course this has nothing to do with boredom or something like that. The whole project was delayed for a month and a half because
of some issues with ... what else... money.
   But finally I got everything that I've asked and I've chosen the study material. This was a very careful decision after thorough search of all of the alternatives out there. It's the first priority to find something that you feel it matches your way of studying.
   So I've chosen THIS package. You can see of course in detail what it offers if you follow the link. The most important things that made me select this product among with others of course was:

  • Bootcamp in Europe. London more specific. That was my number one concern. Didn't want to travel to middle list or US.
  •  Price. I believe is the best offer out there for the time being. I don't know for how long they run this but didn't find anything close to this, always considering the value/money ratio.
  •  What the package includes. So many hours for vRack rental, workbooks, All Access Pass meaning that I can have access to every video resource provides for every track for 2 years (!). And of course the 10-day bootcamp in London with Mark Snow as instructor.
  •  Mark Snow itself :) I've asked 2 guys that they have done the same bootcamp and had very good words to tell me. Also he was very helpful from the beginning and responded quite quickly to my questions.

   Of course it is always better to judge after the result because there is always a chance to have made the wrong choice. Results are those that count, not the presentation of the product. So I'll return after I spend some hours studying.
   According to my calculations the whole cost of the project will be approximately 8000 euros, including the Cisco exam and travelling to Brussels and London. And some mock labs that I'll purchase befor I have the final exam.

   I'll be back with some posts about the study procedure, in more detail.

Cya... Stefanos