Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Passed the written exam CCIE Voice

   Hello. I passed the written exams 10 days ago scoring 983/1000. It wasn't that difficult. Most of my study material was
from the CCVP shelf study Cisco Press books and a lot of documentation from I've studied a lot since last summer. Don't forget that I already work as an UC engineer for the last 4 years so I have a lot of experience in the field and read a lot of documentation every day.
   Of course as you might know there is a specific way that Cisco thinks we should adopt in order to pass this kind of "certifications". I don't think that it is the appropriate way of testing a professional engineer's knowledge. It is possible to pass the exams without even knowing the subject of the actual exam. There are plenty of third party materials out there that will "teach" you all the questions by hard in order to go into the classroom and finish the exam in 20 minutes answering each question in 5 seconds. Anyway there is no reason to talk about this here right now. This is not of course the way we have to follow to pass the exams but many others might follow this path.
   The exam of course was the 350-030. The questions that you'll have to answer are 100 and the passing score is 790/1000.
   Now is the beginning of the real hard part. I'm waiting my employer to approve the budget for the Bootcamp and vRack rental, along with some workbooks for studying. I've evaluated all the material (more or less) that I could find on the internet and made a proposal. I hope they will approve. More about the path that I've chosen when everything is set :)