Sunday, April 22, 2012

A few words about me

Today I'll have plenty of time to upload posts about me and the progress I've done with my study so far. But let me introduce my self after the break..

I'm Stefanos and I work in the IT industry since 1998. I did a lot of freelancing IT jobs the first 2 years along with my main job. Then on 2000 I was hired by a Telephony and Internet Service Provider as a representative and support agent of the service provider's Helpdesk for end customers. I stayed there for 2 years and then on 2002 I moved to the Network Operations Center. Great times there. I worked with corporate customers and supported their private networks. I mastered my switching and routing skills till 2004. After 2004 I worked as a network administrator and engineer. I studied a lot that time to get prepared for my CCNP. A lot of BGP and MPLS. I passed the CCNA but I never had the exams for CCNP because from 2006 since 2008 I moved to the Telephony part of the Service Provider. I worked with Cisco voice gateways, SS7 and PGW for 2 years. I've learned a lot at this period for Cisco voice. That gave me a job to an IT Services company on 2008. I work with Cisco Unified Communications products till today.

And now I have to pass the CCIE Voice exams in 2012. That was a brief description of my 14 years of work in IT :) You can find my LinkedIn profile HERE. It isn't completed yet so don't expect a fancy profile but you can add me if you like.

That's all for now. Cya!