Wednesday, November 21, 2012 CCIE Voice Bootcamp Review

Hello again!
   I've finally managed to write a review about the CCIE Voice Bootcamp. I know that many of you, just like me, are trying to find information about the products that will help you to study for the lab exam. The truth is that there is not so much to discover especially reviews about 3rd party material and content. You may have talked to friends, colleagues or cooperators and have concluded that product A is better than product B. Or maybe you've watched some sample videos and presentations from various training vendors. But you're not exactly sure what is better for you. What I'll try to do is to write a decent review about the CCIE Voice Bootcamp exclusively based on my experience. Read after the break.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Booked for the CCIE Voice lab exam - Studying update

Hello everyone!

   It's been ages again since the last time I posted. But you see I'm quite busy for two reasons. The obvious first one is that I'm studying as a maniac to catch up. The second one is more of a personal reason that kept occupied for a couple of days. Didn't study as I wanted and now I'm running like hell to prepare myself for the lab exam.